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Q. Does Skywolf have Permission to fly Drones?

Yes, Skywolf have a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Our CAA permission can be downloaded Here

Q. Can Skywolf fly near Buildings and People?

Yes, Skywolf can fly within 50 metres of Buildings as per our commercial permission. We would always recommend checking the Drone Code if you are unsure.

Q. Can Skywolf fly Drones in Flight Restricted Zones?

Skywolf is able to fly in Flight Restricted Zones (FRZ) when an application has been made to Air Traffic Control for the airspace.

Q. What type of Cameras are used on the Drones?

The DJI Mavic Enterprise has the Hasselblad 20MP camera, the DJI Inspire 2 normally has the Xenmuse X5 camera and the DJI Matrice also has the Xenmuse X5. The camera payloads can be swapped out depending on the requirements on the project (Inspire 2 & Matrice only).

Q. What weather conditions can Skywolf fly in?

Skywolf will not operate our Drones in rain or high wind conditions. Our Drones will operate more efficiently in good weather conditions. Safety if our top priority when flying Drones.

Q. Are Skywolf insured to fly Drones?

Yes, Skywolf have up to £10 million liability insurance. The amount of insurance cover can be customised depending on the requirements of the job at hand. Our insurance policy covers loss of our kit, damage to buildings/vehicles and personal injuries.

Q. Can you provide proof of Insurance?

Yes, Skywolf will provide proof of insurance before starting every job for peace of mind.

Q. Can I hire a Drone from Skywolf?

Unfortunately Skywolf do not offer a Drone equipment hire.

Q. Where did Skywolf complete their Training?

Our Director Any Green carried out his PfCO training with Uplift Drone Training.

Q. Can Skywolf fly Drones indoors?

Yes, Skywolf have small drones that can be flown indoors depending on the requirements.

Q. What are the benefits of using a Drone?

The main benefits are cost. For example, a Drone can inspect the roof of building without having to use scaffolding and additional manpower.

Q.Do you have any example projects?

Yes, you can view our example Image Gallery, example Map Gallery and download our example image packs Here.

Q. Which type of Drones do Skywolf operate?

Skywolf mainly fly DJI Drones due the high availability of replacement parts etc. Specifically, we fly the DJI Mavic Enterprise, DJI Inspire 2 and the DJI Matrice M200 series of drones.

Q. What are the flight times of our Drones?

Our drones can achieve between 20-30 minutes flight time depending on the conditions and payload of the drone. Skywolf carry additional batteries when on-site and are capable of flying our drones for most of the day if required.

Q. Which areas do Skywolf cover?

Skywolf cover the whole UK and most EU countries. Additional permission may be required for EU countries which will be managed by us. Skywolf currently does not have FAA approval to fly in the United States, however this may change in the future.

Q. Does Skywolf offer an Ops Manual Writing/Review Service?

Unfortunately we do not offer an Operations Manual review service.

Q. Do Skywolf offer Drone Training?

Unfortunately Skywolf do not offer any Drone based training.

Q. What is the range of the drone?

Our Drones will be able to fly at a maximum height of 120 metres and a distance of 500 metres from the pilot.

Q. Can Skywolf provide copies of Photos/Videos?

Yes, depending on your requirements you will have access to high resolution photos/videos or digital assets such as 3d maps/models.

Q. Do Skywolf allow Observers during flights?

Yes, Skywolf allow observers to attend our flight missions. Observers are required to have a safety brief carried out by the operational manager on the day.

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